Imprimere AG in cooperation with Niederberger Engineering AG, offer a wide range of know-how that has been developed in various fields.

Some examples are listed below.

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  • Marina Mall revolving restaurant in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates

    Marina Mall revolving restaurant in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates

    The Marina Mall, with an area of 122,000 square meters on five floors, houses more than 400 luxury and brand stores, a Mercedes-Benz car showroom and a wholesale market. The shopping temple is located on the artificially created Marina Island next to the Marina Eye Ferris wheel overlooking Abu Dhabi's Corniche.

  • Solar Farm

    Solar Farm

    The Solar Farm is used in large solar parks. Thus, a higher area cleaning per time can be achieved.

  • Cleaning robot

    Cleaning robot

    The cleaning robot cleans solar panels from contamination and thus increases efficiency. The Gekko can also be used in the vertical plane. The intelligent vacuum feet protect the surfaces from damage.

  • Snow bar

    Snow bar

    These umbrella roofs were developed to be able to adapt to the weather in the mountains at lightning speed.

    For Imfeld Metall- und Stahlbau AG we were allowed to deliver the construction and the calculations for the oversized sunshades.

  • Automation system

    Automation system

    The stapling machine is a fully automatic production line that produces 2400 staples per hour. The staples are used to mount the solar panels on the desired surface.

    Die Anlage wurde von der Niederberger Engineering AG entwickelt, konstruiert und hergestellt.

  • Industrial crane

    Industrial crane

    The industrial crane offers diverse applications in industry.

  • Vertical telescope

    Vertical telescope

    With the vertical telescope, loads can be transported ergonomically in a hall environment. The telescopic crane, can be equipped with various lifting units. Thus, this system offers a versatile application possibility.

  • Disposal crane

    Disposal crane

    The disposal crane is used to empty waste containers that are sunk into the ground. The disposal crane empties the containers fully automatically. The operator can monitor all functions in the cabin.

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