Canada's first and largest 3D-printed neighborhood gets green light in Gananoque

Toronto, March 2, 2022

Horizon Legacy Group has received approval from the City of Gananoque to build Canada's first and largest 3D printed residential development. Last night, unanimous approval was granted for a development plan for 6 buildings, up to 4 of which will be built in the first phase. The project, which has been in the works for two years, is the first step in using new building technologies to solve the affordable housing problem.

"Our community voted unanimously to support this initiative because we are open to innovation and new ideas," says Ted Lojko, mayor of Gananoque. "From day one, the Horizon team has been excellent to work with and all of our questions have been answered. We are confident that their plans will meet the needs of our community," he says.

In addition to engineering and design solutions, the neighborhood is setting new standards for building sustainability. Horizon Legacy Group announces that all buildings will be heated, cooled and lit with green energy; the majority of which will be powered by on-site renewable energy.

Each building is approximately 1400 square feet and features one bachelor, one 1-bedroom and one 2-bedroom home. The neighborhood will be owned by Horizon Legacy and made available as rental housing.

Marco Polo 100 Digital Build Challenge

Marco Polo 100 Digital Build Challenge Teaser


Revolutionize construction, build affordable housing for $100/sq ft with 3D printing, prefabrication, robotics or new technologies.

With 7 decades of experience building, financing and operating complex, long-term infrastructure projects in one of Canada's most influential cities, Toronto, Horizon is committed to driving the next innovation in sustainable real estate.

This Open Innovation Challenge was launched with the goal of fulfilling our mission to build affordable housing with new construction technologies and processes.

Construction is an industry that has made relatively little progress in organizing its business and still uses century-old technologies and processes. We believe that digital capabilities represent a qualitative leap for the industry. While there have been isolated efforts, there has not been a significant revolution in the overall practice of project scale.

Horizon Legacy Group announces that it will finance and build the first and largest 3D-printed residential neighborhood in Canada. In doing so, it is pioneering the use of robotics and automation in multi-story building construction. This project grew out of the Marco Polo 100 Digital Build Challenge, the largest building technology innovation competition in North America.

On Wednesday, August 11, 2021, friends and family gathered to learn the winners of the third stage. The winning teams are:

Scoolpt, representing the Czech Republic;

CyBe, representing the Netherlands;

Imprimere, representing Switzerland;

UBB Chile, representing Chile;

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