Niederberger Engineering AG

Year of foundation: 1991

Niederberger Engineering AG develops and produces sophisticated new and innovative products. Does your company need new products, machines, plants and process.


Year founded: 2002

Swiss quality manufacturer for milk breast and vacuum pumps.

Programme und Anbieter

Imprimere AG uses the CAD program Solidworks from Dassault Systems. It is a program for creating 3D models and technical drawings.

Related programs facilitate the cooperation between different companies, such as our design office and our suppliers. Much of the computer-generated data can be read directly from production machines, saving costs.

For a fast and customer-oriented support we cooperate with the company SolidSolutions.


In 2009 Serbot AG was founded and the know how of robotics was transferred from Niederberger-Engineering AG to Serbot AG.

Serbot AG manufactures facade access systems and robots.

The robots of Serbot AG clean glass surfaces and climb even vertical facades effortlessly.

Serbot AG is our partner in robotics and the construction of facade access systems.

Swiss Robot AG

In 2011, Swiss Robot AG was founded and the know-how of medical technology was transferred from Niederberger-Engineering AG to Swiss Robot AG.

Today, Swiss Robot AG is an independent company and one of our partner companies.

Tepros GmbH

Tepros - Your partner for precise CNC turned and milled parts. We are creative co-thinkers in all your manufacturing issues.

Camenzind Mechanik AG

We manufacture precisely according to your specifications and requirements industrial supply parts from various metals and plastics on modern CNC machinery.

CNC turning and CNC milling and for high demands tested with Zeiss 3D measuring machine. Production from various materials and semi-finished products, e.g. spinning, bending, laser cutting and drop forging. Ready-to-install assemblies from A -Z.

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